Devils Daedra Armor UUNP (Diana) 4K


I like active girls, and I try to prove it very often. I'm sure you already noticed it. Whoever the character, I try to make them active in the environement or with other characters.
That's my way of working and probably a part of my own style. Some peoples tell that...

And this armor is the perfect example for an active article 😋

Despite the fact that Diana fight for Justice and Goodness, she nevers refuse to wear a daedric armor. Indeed, they are well know for their protection and durability.....even if they look like evil.
But the character makes the armor, not the contrary.
And this armor fits her like a glove..... the style is here. Wings are massive. The armor is skimpy but the global spirit is very unique.
The helmet requires to change the haircut to avoid clippings. I found one, no problem!
The bodyslide is perfect. I'm satisfied.

Textures come with the mod. They are 2K. Sometimes they seem a little bit weak, sometimes they seem great. This depends of the reflection, the weather, the ambiant lighting.......well, of your ENB of course. If you use a more powerful ENB than mine, you will probably achieve a better result. I used these textures for this article.
You can retex the armor by yourself if you find better daedric textures. I did not make it to keep the original spirit. But you can try these textures to obtain a better result
You just need to rename some files to match to the armor, or just apply them in Nifskope.
So, your own choice. 

In my opinion, the armor has a great potential for screenarchers. It's imposing and stylish. All angles provide superb results.

The armor can be considered as an old stuff but its potential is great. I believe it, and the bodyslide is clean. This daedric creation is interesting in the world of UUNP, definitly. I thought It was just good, but I was wrong, It's excellent.

Hummm, by the way, the halberd is not inculded in the mod but you can have it in the Immersive weapons pack

Daedric Active Girl!


Devils Daeadra Original - download all files (4)

Devils Daedra UUNP conversion by Kenmastery


  1. this is perfect for my Arch-Angel ^~^

    1. Sure, if you play with this sort of character!
      It's very badass. The armor deserves a try. It's better in game.

      Thank you

  2. cant open after i download

    1. Download 4 files for the original file.
      You can extract the original file only if you have these 4 files.



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