DEM Magerobes UUNP (Diana) 4K


This bodyslide is a replacer. It replaces meshes and unified them for the archmage, the mage apprentice and the mage journeyman outfit.
That's totally mage oriented of course.

You can use all three bodyslides or only the replacer you want. You can pick up just what you need. All the mod works without esp of course.
These replacers are skimpy. I presume everybody have a different definition of what is skimpy or not. So, according to the vanilla meshes and the shortness of robes, I put it in the skimpy category 😋

You have mainly two variations for all robes. A one piece and a two pieces. I like the spirit. All new meshes match very well with vanilla textures or you can use a texture replacer.
As usual, to replace your clothes textures, I fully recommend you the rustic clothing mod
Rustic clothing is available in 1K, 2K and 4K. Select according to your own performances.

These textures are great too.
You can try them. Take only textures, not meshes😉

Back to the mod,
I didn't notice any hard clippings, and all bodyslides work good. All new meshes are compatible with all variations of the college outfit. Brown, violet, green....everything works fine.
The mod is definitly better with curved bodies. UNPetite doesn't provide a perfect result specially for the chest part. A standard UNP or a 7B have a better result. UNPetite is a hard bodyslide due to the flatness of the body.....but that's a good test.

Well, that's a nice replacer, easy to use and you can use you own textures. So, if you like to play a mage character and if you want to use your charms in game, this bodyslide may be the one for you.


DEM Magerobes UUNP conversion by Dianne (LL)


  1. oooh, i like the one from image four a lot!

    1. Sorry, I don't understand Wnise ;) which one do you prefer?

      I saw , you came back to upload some new bodyslides. That's great. I hope you'll be able to have a better organization for your personal time.

    2. the robe in the 4th image :D

      yeah, decided to keep modding. Will find better balance and organization hopefully.

    3. Yeah, the 4th image shows some details of the Fairskin Complexion and the perfect neck. I like it too.

      Good news for your organization :)


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