White Rose UUNP (Diana) 4K

White rose base by Sirius

White Rose UUNP conversion on TESLAB

1) click on the zip button 
2) click on "click here to start download"
3) click on the first blue link
4) You have the file


  1. excellent screenshots! Beautiful! She looks like a (naughty) angel.

    1. Thanks Wnise. she is a pure angel, of course :)Images were taken in the Suite. Not my cup of tea, but the change is interesting.

  2. btw I tried out G&S Jyggalag ENB. It is really nice.

    1. Jyggalag is very good. If you like cinematic ENBS, this one is great. Effects are massive of course but the athmosphere is really unique. That's what I like.
      However, I don't use G&S ENBS for my gameplay. Maybe too much excessive for me. But for screenarchery and for players who want a deep, somber and romantic athmosphere, this enb is just perfect.

      Have a nice week end and thanks for the comment.


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