Skintight Dragon UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

Note : Weapons not included. Weapons are from Jaysus Swords....and they are not made to cut butter :)

Skintight Dragon Original by Lostdaywalker

Skintight Dragon UUNP conversion by Arthacs


  1. I like the look of the green one. Very detailed.

    1. You have an incredible eye Glenn. I have not doubt about that.
      I changed something in the ENB, a small detail.
      In the [SSAO_SSIL]
      I changed the EnableSupersampling. I put it on true.
      A little bit demanding but nice improvement imo, specially in 2160p.

      I'm impressed you saw the change :)

  2. What is the armor over the skinsuit?

    1. It's in the mod. For each colors (green and black) , you have 2 versions (armored and not armored).
      You have a total of 4 armor in the mod.


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