KK's Stormcloak UUNP (Idye) 4K

 KK's Stormcloak UUNP + Stormcloak Armor Revival textures

KK's Stormcloak UUNP + Frankly HD Stormcloak Textures



Today, we speak about a single replacer for the stormcloak armor.
This UUNP conversion will change all female guard armors of your game. This conversion will simply  replace the vanilla meshes or your existing meshes for guard armors.

A lot of replacers already exist. In a single version or in all in one replacer (with all armor). A lot of shapes are available.
This one is the one I use in my game. I like it very much and my characters too. That's just a little bit sexy and you can use it without problems in the game. That's revealing but true Nords don't mind the cold, isn't it? 😁
They have a natural resistance to cold and frost.

The bodyslide only covers the main armor. For a perfect result, you can bodyslide gauntlets and boots with another UUNP replacer. But this is not a requirement. Vanilla shapes or UNP standard fit well too.

The result in game is nice and specialy if you use texture replacers. So, this article is made to present you two great texture for stormcloak armors.
 Both are presented in my article. You can see details and two different styles.
The same mesh but 2 various spirits.

This is a high quality texture replacer for the Stormcloak soldiers uniform. 1K, 2K, 4K available. I use the 4K version in the article. The mod covers only stormcloak uniforms (armor, boots, gauntlets and shield).
The result is great whatever your replacer. Stormcloaks are unique with special details (belt, fur).
This one is my personal favorite because of the uniqueness, the originality. These retextures have very powerful normal maps. This improves a lot the armor. It looks "rustic".

Superb mod. This one cover all city guard armors included stormcloak. A little bit more darker compared to "Revival" and smother too.
I like it very much because it covers all guard armors easily. Boots, gauntlets and guard shields are also retextured. A great mod. 2K and 4K available.

Personaly, I like them both, so I mix them of course 😉 . Performances are very important for me too, so, here are my strategy:

1) I instal Frankly HD stormcloak first. The full pack. I use the 2K version + the fix. The mod will retexture all guard armors and guard shields of the game
2) Then, because I like the revival 2K version, I overwrite "Frankly" by "Revival". This will overwrite only stormcloak armors.
3) To increase your performances, you can extract only normap maps from "Revival 1K version". This will overwrite "Revival 2K normal maps". (Normal maps are files with the _n.dds).

This solution is very efficient and the result in game is good enough. 4K textures can be "risky", particularly in towns with all guards and sometimes with mods which increase the number of NPCS.
I used 4K textures only for this article.
Remember that if you use enormous textures, this will increase the time of your loading screen. That's always a balance to find between visual and performances.

So, a constructive article today with a clean bodyslide and great textures. Use one or both, it's up to you. But, these little details make the game great and varied and why we like it.

"No lollygaggin'."


KK's Stormcloak UUNP conversion by MemeSupreme


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