Bikini Ascend WIP UUNP (Kissmiax/Lorelei) 4K

40 images (4K) in this article. It may take several seconds to load the entire page.
Bikinis are sometimes...heavy 😇
Thank you for your patience. 




HD retex for the elven bikini
or this one

HD retex for the Orcish bikini 

HD retex for the Thalmor bikini 1K, 2K or 4K

Bikini Ascend original by Nisetanaka

Bikini Ascend UUNP conversion by ThistimeIbeagoodgirlsir

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  1. I actually stumbled on this last night and was wondering if you'd be doing an article about this well done my friend well done.

    1. Hey Joe,

      Yup, that's a Work in progress. Probably more bikinis to come. It's in the pure tradition, made by Nisetanaka, famous for all his bikini mods.
      Good mod for those who like bikini armors with a lot of pieces to mix. And the bodyslide is very clean with a GROUP to batch build in the bodyslide.

      So, yes of course I did an article on this WIP and I'll update this article when new contents will be release.

      Thank you Joe

  2. its things like this that make it hard for me to quit modding

    1. I know Wnise. I have readed your comment on Nexus. And I understand that you want to spend more time to live your own life, to go outdoor and everything.
      I understand fully, of course.
      So, do what you want to do and where you want, that's important. If that is your priority, this is essential. Liberty is important. You musn't be slave of something.
      However, you can use Skyrim as a hobby . Sometimes , when you decide, you can just play a little bit or take some shots, or create bodyslide. I believe you can still use this game and with a reasonable time. It's up to you.

      fell free my friend.


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