BDO Ranger Set 1 UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


Sometimes, my opinion and my impressions  can change before and after the making of the article.
On a first view, I was a little bit interested by this new armor.
Should be perfect for Lorelei 😋

My interest has declined very quicly.

In game, textures are very low. It's very pixelated. In a sense, this kills a little bit the armor.
Textures are 1K and 512. This low resolution is specially noticeable in my article ...cause of the 4K resolution. But I'm here to show you what you've got :)
Metal parts are always better with a high resolution but in this case I'm disapointed (mainly gauntlets and boots). Even the reflection of my ENB does not improve them.

The outfit has a lot of clippings unfortunatly. That's difficult to catch a good angle to hide these clippings.

To reduce my interest, the armor hides a weak point. The scarf hides a terrible neck seam (space). You can't see it before the instalation and into the bodyslide program. Yet, in the bodyslide it looks correct but not in game.
That's probably a weight problem. Lorelei is weight_0. Maybe the neck seam is corrected if I change the weight of my character. But I never change the weight of my character to use a conversion.
If I had known this issue, I probably wouldn't have showcased the armor.
The bodyslide must be adapted to my character, not the contrary.

Well, I'm not convinced. Too much weak points for me. These weak points are not noticeable before a real try.
Can be a nice armor for peoples who love the BDO lore or for peoples who play the game on a low resolution.

That's probably not a armor for me.


BDO Ranger Set 1 UUNP conversion by Rhino_4