Arcane Heat UUNP (Diana) 4K


This sort of lingerie is very hard to showcase for me....believe me. You probably know that I have limits about nudity. I apply to myself a barrier about that. That's a personal choice.
So, the difficulty is here. Showcasing a sexy lingerie without being explicit but still sexy and attractive. So, yes that's difficult to choose angles and poses. However, I tried to find the best balance between the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you got) and what you musn't see 😄

Well, I just prefer suggestion :)

So, yes, that's very skimpy. I store this outfit in the lingerie category. It makes sense I believe.
Four different colors and transparencies for this ensemble. 
For private moments of course.

The bodyslide is nicely done. As usual, this piece of lingerie is better with more generous bodies....specially the breast part.. I recommend you to download the UNPB base version. The UUNP bodyslide has been created from this UNPB base.

So, a place on Skyrim scandal of course. My visitors like lingerie and me too. And this sort of article is always welcome to work on angles, views and depth of field.
About colors, actually, I use my RUDY ENB NLA version with the Snapdragon DOF (the strong one). This DOF is unique because it applies a green filter.That's the reason why images with Snapdragon ENB are always very greenish.
I removed the Kbloom white on the Rudy ENB too. I believe that's better specially to reduce the white bloom. I still need to do some tries.

However, I selected this outfit for a good reason :) maybe you noticed it?????

Diana has new body textures. Better small butterflies and a new skin with best details. I'll speak about that later.

Skimpy but justified :)

Global Score

Arcane Heat original by Lostdaywalker (LL)

Arcane Heat UUNP conversion by Arthacs (LL)


  1. Hello marmotte :)
    Great pics as always,may i ask what textures and meshes do you use for the Lanterns and Lanternposts?


    1. Hi Zack :) I remember you. You posted a comment about Domino's muscles :) Good new, I'm working on an update on all my characters (mainly skin and msn).

      About lanterns and lanternposts:

      The lantern you can see in one image is only part of this house mod
      I don't know if you can find them anywhere else...

      Personaly , I use this mesh for lantern: "nordic lantern"
      This mod changes all lanterns.
      And I retex my lanternposts with Noble Skyrim 2K, because I like wood materials from Noble.

      My lanterns must be very simple, that's how I like them.

    2. ah yes,it's the woodposttexture from solitude,yep the noble wood is a realy good choice.
      But i need this lamp,maybe i can extract it from this housemod and use it as a replacer.

      Thank you :)

    3. Yes , you can probably extract the mesh from the house mod. All is possible in Skyrim :)


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