Volkihar Knight UUNP (Idye) 4K

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Very nice armor today.

First, you probably want to ask me : " Why does Idye wear this armor? She is not a vampire nor a creature of the night!!!"
You're right. She is not a creature of the night. On the contrary, she prefers the sun and shinny days.
I explain. Idye is not a very powerful warrior. But she uses tactics to compensate some weaknesses.

One of her best tactics is to wear ennemies armors to lower their attention. Then, she strikes violently (mainly with a poisonned arrow). The sneak/surprized attack combined with poison is generally lethal.

Now to the point!

First, you have 4K textures available for this armor. I strongly recommend them. Do you see the result on images? That's amazing. Made by Mistel, they are totally perfect, fine and highly detailled.
Metal looks like metal (not plastic), fabric looks like fabric. Personally, when it's 4K , I can shot images closer...of course. I'm not afraid to highlight pixels.

Second, the bodyslide. That's perfect too. No clippings, fits to every shapes and the bodyslide is complete.

Other than that, this is very lore friendly and very close to original armors...that's just more armored. The armor makes sense. Perfect is you're searching a vampire armor....without the skimpy touch.
You can remove the hood if you want. That's not attached to the armor.

The armor is available in 3 colors...directly in the game with 3 distinct armors...eaches with unique effects.
  1. Abysswalker (blue)
  2. Assassin (black)
  3. Royal Guard (red)
On a side note, i found a solution to create very quicly a Gif. You will probably see more gifs in the future to highlight color variations. Light and easy.

All is made with vanilla assets. My favorite parts are gauntlets, shoulders parts and the little book on the belt.
The armor have a black aura. We can find this effect on various armors. I like a lot.

Definitly a great armor, for everybody, for those who like finest works. The original work combined with Mistel's talent can only provide a great final conversion. 4K textures help the mod to have a higher impact on screen. The originality is not the strong point of this mod, but the spirit is here and the armor is simply perfectly converted.


Volkihar Knight original by Yamanotaka (nexus)

Volkihar Knight UUNP conversion by Mistel

4K optional textures by Mistel


Leave it to chance!