Simple Knit UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

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Simple Knit original

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Simple Knit UUNP conversion by Goro Majima


  1. Hey, I was wondering if you could recommend a good place to take character screenshots. I am currently struggling to find a place with good lighting. Fire's give off a good soft light but its always way too orange. Outside light is too harsh and other lights sources usually seem to weak. Any recommendations on vanilla and/or modded locations?

    Thanks, ~wnisewond

    1. Hi Wnisewond.
      It's a very good question. Really!
      The answer is very simple. All your game must be a good place to take screenshots.

      For this , you must select an ENB with strong points in every places.... the reasons why i use RUDY ENB NLA. It it powerful everywhere (exterior/interior) and everytime (day/night).

      Rudy ENB has not weakness. Lot of ENBS are strong in some places but weak in other places.

      So, that's a choice...your personal choice.

      Personally, I like all places to do images (interiors, exteriors, vanilla or modded). My ideas musn't be broken with a place limitation.

      Except maybe the Aether Suite : too much modern for me and it breaks some ENB effects.
      I have difficulties to have a good results in the World of Rudra too and in the Gray cowl of Nocturnal.

      Other than that, every light sources of Skyrim can be a tool to create images.....of course.

      Thank Wnise

    2. just tried out Rudy. Lights were way too bright, made skin look weird too :(

    3. You should look up things about ENB edits, editing the enb yourself gets best results, i use a modified snapdragon.

    4. I agree. Every ENBS must be modified for more personal results.


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