Sexy Robes & Hats UUNP (Jahiya and Diana) 4K


I really like articles with Diana and Jahiya, they are very sexy together because they are similar on some points.
The brunette and the fake-blonde blonde make a good team.
These outfits are for mages.......high-level mages like Diana. An opportunity for Jahiya to learn new spells and the art of seduction all rules about spell casting.

The mod provides several colors and shapes. Textures are 1K (1024*1024). This could be better in 2K. For me, 1K is really the limit for an armor and for details, especially when the armor is skimpy because you see a lot of skin and the contrast with the 4K body is important especially for close up shots 😍.

All robes bikinis are linked to a magic school (I want to visit them with outfits like these!!) and it's exciting I like this principle. Hats are really funny. They are big and look great on all characters. They all have a different shape. The green one is particulary superb (shape and size).

These sexy robes (that's the name of the mod and the choice of the modder) come in various shapes. Somes are skimpy ( Diana's choice) and others are very very skimpy (Jahiya's choice). So yes, they are reserved for not shy characters and for mages who are proud of their bodies. 

The UUNP bodyslide is perfect, as usual with Jerok's work. Precision is important for skimpy outfits because the armor/outfit/bikini must match perfectly to the body....more than a full plate armor. 
Diana (weight 0) and Jahiya (weight 100) have a different body, and you can note that all weights are perfect. That's the profit to do and article with 2 characters/ 2 weights / twice more sexy :) 2 different results.

The mod does not contain boots. It could be better with boots/ long boots I love long boots. Barefoot is a little bit strange.
On a side note, cape are paste to the main outfit...each times. This could be better if they were seperate....on another slot.

I like this mod. Mainly because this is adapted to one of my mage-oriented character. If you have this type of characters, these robes are made for them. The skimpy touch is of course really great exclusive.

 Now it is the time to choose your school!


Sexy Robes & Hats original by Asenasen (LL)

Sexy Robes & Hats UUNP conversions by Jerok (LL)


  1. Always gotta give a thumbs up for articles with Diana in them. My favorite don’t know why lol.

    1. That's a strange sensation but each models provide a different result on images.
      I agree with you, Diana is attractive and of course she inspire me during articles creation.
      She is my creation and she changed during these last years.
      She improved on numerous points and she become more human and real. And I believe peoples can fell her emotions, even if I don't create stories.
      Glad you appreciate her.
      So am I :)


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