Profane Cleric UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


I met a big difficulty with this armor. Maybe you don't see it in my images, but sometimes that is not easy.
The armor is very very very dark. Specially the trouser and some other parts. So, it was very difficult to make the armor pop up from the screen. So, i just managed to show some details but I missed some creativity in this article. This may happen. I doubt that it comes from my ENB even if I use the full output dynamic range of my Nvidia. I watched several others screenshots of this armor and the result is always very dark. So, I believe everybody optains this result. Hopefuly, the background of my blog is black and that's better for contrast.

Other than that, this armor is a mash up from various assets. That's interesting. The UUNP conversion is clean.
Some parts use you own ebony textures. These parts improve the outfit.
The best piece is the metal protection for the torso. Looks very good with great reflection. Boots have reflection too.

So, that's a clean conversion. I was attracted on a first view but the dark tones are a little bit too much important for me and reduced my ......pep.

Allo Halo!  Hallo!


Profane Cleric original by Halo

Profane Cleric UUNP by Diablio


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