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Hi everybody,

     This week, i made a poll. It was important for me. I wanted to know your preferences.

     The question was:

 "What are your favorite UUNP conversions ?

Here are results. This is a screen capture (not sexy) just after the end of the poll. So, you have true results.

     Thank you for all votes. 127 visitors gave their preferences. Everybody was able to give mutiple answers. 127 votes are a huge amout for a blog like mine. So, thank you again.
More votes mean precice results.

     You know that we can find several "spirits" of conversions.
Lore friendly, skimpy, not skimpy, modern, just feminine, anime style, beachwear, lingerie and sometimes strange mixes 😁

     So, i wanted the opinion of my visitors. Yes, you !
Mainly to polish my selection of UUNP conversions. I had some questions about that, but now i have answers. 

     So, first place by far, "Skimpy outfit". You like sexy outfits and they must show your character skin. A high victory. Sometimes, I think that I show too much skimpy UUNP conversions, but i musn't be afraid about that! Yes, sometimes I'm a little bit shy 😁. Well, this is what you like, and you 'll have. 

     Second place for the "feminine and lore friendly outfit". I'm glad with this result. An outfit must be playable, and when it's lore friendly or close to the lore, that's better. This category has already an important place on the blog, so I continue the job.

     Third, "Lingerie". A surprise for me. Well, I like lingerie a lot and your preference tells me that I can do more lingerie. Count on me :) Let's explode barriers of seduction!!!!! 

     Superb fourth place for all the pure and the true lore friendly equipement. A very decent score in the world of conversions. So, my goal is to find more lore friendly stuff to show here. I already have some ideas...

     Last places are for "beachwear and anime". I wasn't sure with all anime creations because there are a lot and I don't showcase everything. So, i'm a little bit reassure with that. That's not your priority. I could showcase some of them (the best), but I will focus on other themes.
"Beachwear" don't have a lot of votes too. Not a priority too. That's right, it's hard to use in game. This is useful for screenarchers or "specific creations" maybe but I doubt this can be used for a mission in the game. Well, not a priority or maybe if I have a request.

     Some peoples don't care about the content. So, whatever I do, you will be satisfied I suppose. Thank you :)

     Well. An interesting poll, with a lot of opinions. That's great. If you want to react about this poll, comments are always open. My blog will be more and more precise with a more important selection and more added value. I plan to increase the overhaul quality of the blog on all aspects.



  1. Replies
    1. For sure Wnise :) count on me! I'm ready!

  2. Rest in pieces. That's definitely an accurate statistic of the skyrim modding community's desires.

  3. Fantasy OneJune 09, 2019

    Can I go for 2 votes lol

    I prefer skimpy and lore friendly armors tho, if it's skimpy and lore friendly, then it would surely stay in my game forever :D

    1. Ah ah. the poll is finished since a long time.
      But you can read preferences of the community.
      Constructive, isn't it?

  4. Skimpy Erotic and SMP Sexy clothes are my request


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