Nordic Carved Bikini UUNP (Kissmiax) 4K


Kissmiax is a great warrior. And great warriors deserve great armors.
She took a new quest recently. A quest to hunt ashspawns in Solstheim.
That's not her favorite place, but the job pays well. So she accepted the mission.

She is an axe specialist. One handed or two handed. She also uses her famous Berserker Rage . This combo is really powerful. I'm sure you know that.

Kissmiax is very proud of her body. She is not massive, but her body is very muscled, sharped and resistant. Assaults and battery are not a problem for her.
She is not afraid of ashspawns too.
So, to achieve her mission, she selected the famous Nordic Carved Bikini, and it's adapted to her body.

The armor is protective enough...for her. Her movements are still very fluid and sensitive parts are protected...hopefully😆
Against fire attacks, this armor protects feets, torso, hands, legs and head.

As you can see, Kissmiax has accomplished her mission very well, very cleanly and she deserves a rest of course. The berserker Rage takes some vital energy...even for an Orc.

Kissmiax is very satisfied. And she can select varied bras, panties, boots, gauntlets. So good for her !
She really like pauldrons, even if she does not need them because of her strong shoulders.

Skimpy? Yes of course but Kissmiax's body is a masterpiece and masterpieces are made to be showed.

Show me what you've got!

Nordic Carved Bikini original by Halo

Nordic Carved Bikini UUNP conversion by Diablio


  1. Magnifiques images Marmotte :)
    Je trouve que la lumière rend toujours très bien sur Kissmiax, je ne sais pas si c'est le vert, bref magnifique :)

    1. Salut Bulle.
      Je pense que c'est parce qu'elle a des formes plus généreuses que mes autres personnages. Elle a plus de poitrine et beaucoup plus de muscles. Des veines aussi :) Ça joue sur les ombres, les lumières et la réflexion. On voit alors des résultats très différent entre les intérieurs, les extérieurs, les zones ombragés ou lumineuses.
      C'est lié au vert aussi :)
      D’ailleurs, je pensait changer un peu sa couleur de peau. Moins flashy et plus rugueux. J'y travaille :)

      Merci encore Bulle.


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