Luxurious Seduction UUNP (Diana) 4K

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Because everyone deserves a little luxury.

Note : This incredible luxury interior is available in this house mod:



I have a mission for you. I hope you'll accept it.
This mission is very simple. You just need to smash the download button of this outfit 😊

This conversion is so amazing. The original version is already very high quality.
Textures are amazing and really fine. You have so much details on every parts of this cloth.

Do you know what's the strong point of this outfit? It makes what it describes. It's called Luxurious Seduction. THIS is luxurious and the SEDUCTION is breathtaking.
What a pleasure to do some images with this mod.

So, let's be honest, that's a masterpiece.
A lot of pieces are available : Body, boots, gauntlets, a leather pant, a vest, a small fur cloack and superb knee socks (stocking). All is superb and that's very tasty.
Diana's silhouette has  never been so good, so , when an outfit improves my character, the quality is here, for sure.
I can't describe all details, just watch images. That's the best proof I can give you. The advantage to do 4K images makes sense for this style of outfit.

The bodyslide is perfect. Fortunately! I provide 2 links for the bodyslide. The one by Jerok and the one by Dianne. I used Jerok's bodyslide (105 MB). But I think the one by Dianne is great too ( 17 MB). Make your own choice. If you use Dianne's bodyslide, i want your feedback , of course.
I wonder why there is a so big size difference between the two bodyslides ?
In all cases, it works and perfectly. The result is here. Some very small and rare clippings.

I count on you to try this mod and i totally recommend it.
THIS is seduction and I'm glad to share with you my impressions and my pleasure.
 This outfit and the conversion deserve a very high score.

Luxury...for free.


Luxurious Seduction original by Raven

Luxurious Seduction UUNP

by Dianne

by Jerok


  1. very beauty -- what setting place you make images for the set? thank you for wonderful work.

    1. You are correct. I should write the name of the location and the link. I add it to the article.
      Thank you for this comment. My article will be totally complete now :)

      Location : MONA ALTA

  2. That statue shot is great.

    1. I like it too. That's a grey Greybeard statue. Luckily, for the shot and for Diana, it is perfectly placed :) If I can, I like to use decorative items in my shots. This can add some much details and nice perspective.
      Glad you like Glen. Thank you for your presence.

  3. Hi, I was wondering something. Is it normal that the armor has 0 in protection ?
    Thank you for answering me.

    1. Hi,
      Yes , it's normal. This "armor" is considered as a cloth. And clothes don't have a high protection like in the vanilla game.
      You can notice that Diana doesn't fight in the article :)

      If you have some knowledge in the creation kit, you can modify the protection to change it from "cloth" to "light armor". So, you'll have protection and you'll be able to improve all parts at the workbench.

    2. OK, thank for your answer ^^


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