Female Blades Light Armor UUNP (Lorelei) 4K


What is the best place to showcase the blades armor?
Cloud Ruler Temple of course! This is the place to be. This place is of course very important for Blades. This place is well know by peoples who played Oblivion...like me...and probably like you.

So, today, Lorelei makes a visit to Cloud Ruler Temple. Mainly to pratice her art of fighting and to give  a little prayer to all dead Blades. She respects them a lot , even if that's not her culture. She likes devoted warriors.

This version of the blade armor is fully standalone. It doesn't rewrite anything on your game. That's the reason why I present it here.
Indeed, you can find a lot versions of the blade armor. From skimpy to fully covered in all famous packs that change all vanilla armors ( CT77  Remodeled Armor, LSAR, Gamefever remodeled armor, UUNP vanilla outfits, and more....).
But today we focus only on this armor 😉
Fortunatly, this version uses your own "blades textures". So, first, I recommend you to download the superb "blade armor" retexture by Cabal120 https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/41731/
1K, 2K or 4K...you decide.
However, this armor has some unique textures mainly for the pant and some small parts.

I really like the original blade armor. That's very badass and the original shape is really great. But this new version is interesting. A little bit more feminine with the cute pant and with the exposed belly.

The bodyslide allows you to add or to remove the belly protection. I show you the 2 versions in this article. I like both. Just a little preference for the full protection because of the details (textures).
You obtain this result with "zap sliders" into the bodyslide. I like zap sliders. You can customize your armor according to your preferences.
You have zaps for the belly protection and for shoulders protection. Zap what you want! 😋

I had some clippings with boots (on the foot). But the whole bodyslide is clean and very decent.

Another vision of the armor for peoples who are searching something between the bikini and the vanilla shape. That's well done and well balanced.

Zap! Zap! Zap!


Female Blades Light Armor by Esmm40 (Nexus)

Female Blades Light Armor UUNP conversion by Bahamut (LL)


  1. This comes with "Robton's TMB Vanilla Armors" - best replacer imo. I always liked this armor remake most of all of them. Very stylish. Looks protective yet cute.

    1. Hi Wnise,
      In my case, I don't use only one replacer. In fact, I combine armors of several UUNP replacer to select my favorites. I don't use a lot Robton's work. His base body is not my taste.
      However, his website is great, he did nice conversions, nice articles and of course interesting images.

      My favorite Blade conversion is in one replacer pack...don't remember the name.

      Thanks for your comment Wnise:)


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