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Today, an important ENB test.
I installed Real Vision ENB recently. I wanted to try it because it's now compatible (since several months) with latest enb series (308 and 315). Its update is recent too. I like up-to-date ENBS.
You must know that I already have an experience about it. Indeed, I used it during several months in 2013, just after the release. I used it for about 6 months, if I remember correctly. 
This ENB is the most popular and the most endorsed ENB of all time for Skyrim. In google, if you write "Skyrim ENB", Real Vision is the first ENB you can see.
This ENB has a lot of visibility.

I do this test for 2 reasons:
According to my first experience in 2013, does the ENB improve with time?
Second, Does "popular" means good?

Let's start!

I tested the ENB with both enb series : 308 and 315. No differences between them. Both are stable.....my game too.
I installed all requirements. Real Vision requires Climates of tamriel. Not sure this is the best choice in 2017/2018. Better climates and textures (sun, clouds, etc) are available nowdays. 

Two versions are available for the lighting system:
I used the elfx version. My game is build around ELFX and SMIM, so, I selected the ELFX version. 

1) First impressions when I started the game

Looks terribly ......old. Back to the past 😊 (in 2013). This sensation only occurs in forests and in cities. In snowy landscapes, the result is better. However, we can't judge an ENB on a first view. I need to visit the entire world to have a more precise opinion.

I only I have one big doubt...about the subsurface scattering (skin). The result on my characters is very important for me and I already know that I will not be able to get a good result. I tried to edit the subsurface scattering without good results (skin details and realism).

2) Strong points of the ENB

That's a problem. It's very hard to find strong points. The ENB is not cinematic and not realist. I have a difficuty to store it in one category.
However, the ENB is decent on rocks and mountains. The result is particulary nice on wet rocks. The wet effect is pleasant. But this effect comes from my meshes mainly, not from the ENB. I use meshes from realitic waters 2. 

The water is sometimes beautiful. Not perfect, it does not improve realist water 2, but some rivers and pounds are nice.

Another strong point, is in snowy landscapes. The result is not bad and snowy trees pop up from the screen. I like this sensation.
All glaciers and ice are great.

There is one commun point about these strong points. The color Blue. The ENB palette and all settings are "friendly" with this color.

3) Weak points of the ENB

So, yes, It looks like old unfortunatly. I don't see the improvement compared to my ancient experience in 2013. Lots of ENBS improve with time, but not this one. Why the ENB did not improve with time? I know the author/owner of the enb has changed with time, but a so much popular ENB could have improved a litte bit more.
The ENB is not vivid and does not improve a lot of details in the game.
With real vision, the game is just more colored compared to the vanilla version.
But, you'll not obtain added value or special/specific features.

No features but the ENB cost FPS (mainly exteriors). I'm ready to pay the price of FPS but for an important result, not for a small improvement.
Climates aren't impressive, nights are basic and characters are a little bit flat.

The ENB creates a neck seam/ tint variation on characters. You just need to remove the green point of the "Fixtintgamma" in the ENBGUI.

The original depth of field is.....limited. It's very good for gameplay but you must change is you want to do some screenarchery. The original Dof hasn't a focal point, so you can't move it. And settings are very limited.
You can replace it with the Dof of your choice from another ENB.

Another weak point is "interiors". They really miss something and ELFX is not improved.

On a personal note, I'm always demanding with one thing about ENB : precision. 
An enb can be realist, cinematic, or whatever you want, but I like precise graphics. Real Vision is not precise. It's a little bit blurry and shapes are not clear and not sharp


4) Verdict

Very very disapointed, I was waiting more. Normally, with all textures I have in my games, the final result should be superb, but it's not.
The lack of contrast and the general flat spirit bring nothing to your game.
The fps cost is not worth the graphics.

However, to finish on a positive point, Real Vision ENB has a very nice and detailled presentation page on Nexus with a lot of informations. The ENB has an auto installer. That's nice for beginners and new players.
Well, that's a good FIRST enb, for a first try, with few settings.
But with time and experience, I recommend you to move to others ENBS with more features and with a better visual impact....and for the same FPS cost.
Thank you
(more images below)


  1. Never liked this ENB much. It was my first one because it was easy to install, but I soon found better ones. A shame they didn't change it at all when they made it compatible with newest enb versions.

    Also - I would like to know your thoughts on Rampage ENB (I have it slightly warm-desaturated and with a cyan tint using Imaginator. Looks great to me!)

    One last thing. I use MO (Mod Organizer).. where should my SMIM, Enhanced lights and fx, and ENB Particle Patch/Sub-Surface patches go? I was never sure what or when they should overwrite.


    1. Yes, I believe this is the first ENB of a lot of peoples :) . The auto installer is seducing of course, and the file has a lot of visibility. But with time and experimentations, people can find better....and for the same fps cost.

      About SMIM, ELFX,.... Installation order:
      1) SMIM (this is your base for meshes and some HD textures
      2) Don't forget "Ruin Clutter Improvement". It's like SMIM but for ruins.
      3) ELFX
      4) Particle patch
      5) (personal) Tamriel Reloaded Mountains......in my case for meshes and parallax and the realistic water 2 patch
      6) (personal) Realistic Water 2 full (to have wet rocks)
      7) (personal) some of my meshes are overwriten by Pfuscher's meshes
      You don't need a subsurface scattering patch. The enb does the job combined with all body textures (main.dds, n.dds, s.dds, sk.dds)

      About Rampage:
      I don't like Rampage. Crazy colors, oversaturated, unprecise. I have already tried it. Well, that's not my cup of tea.
      The various profiles don't make sense for me. This a good ENB to do fast eye candy shots and to hide misery.
      I compared Rampage and Snapdragon on the same profile "Lost in time". Snapdragon is way more interesting and precise in my opinion.
      If you want big effects, use G&S ENB, or MENB, EssentiaENB or DAHAKA ENB or even KENB
      I don't recommend you to use imaginator with an enb. The ENB is able to do all what imaginator do.

      Happy new year Wnise :)

    2. which of the G&S ENB do you recommend? I like Hircine and Azura a lot but they make odd colors on skin at times. I love the way snapdragon makes skin look but I don't like everything else being bleached out. I have no experience or skill in manipulating ENBs to look the way I want. I wouldn't know where to start with tweaks.

    3. also - do my other mods like "Noble Skyrim" and "AMB Caves and Mines" overwrite SMIM and all that?

    4. About G&S, I can recommend you the Jygaalag version. That's my personal favorite. It's a question of taste of course.

      About AMB Caves and mines : this mod has only textures, no meshes. It doesn't overwrite Smim. Smim is not really linked to caves or mines.
      About Noble: Like AMB caves, Noble has only textures, no meshes. Noble will overwrite a lot of Smim textures. If you want to have all smim + Noble, simply install Noble first. Then smim will overwrite some Noble textures files.

  2. but should smim overwrite meshes from hd mods?

    1. No, Install Smim first. Then let all mods overwrite SMIM.

  3. Bonjour Marmotte ! Je suis tombée sur ton blog par le plus grand des hasard et il est juste S-U-P-E-R
    Ta façon de prendre des photos sublimes, tes avis constructifs et les mods présentés sont d'une qualité indéniable !
    Je ne sais pas (et je ne pense pas) que tu comptes refaire de quelconques tests d'ENB, cependant, j'aimerais tout de mĂȘme que tu jettes un petit coup d'oeil au Tannmark ENB par ChrisKley : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/76630
    Je pense que je vais rester un moment ici pour la qualité du contenu que tu nous proposes.
    Sur ce bonne continuation !

    1. Salut Tiphaine,

      Merci pour ton passage sur le blog. Tu es la bienvenue.
      Le blog est spécialisé sur les conversions UUNP. Cependant, je fais parfois des articles sur les enb et aussi sur les textures. Ca dépend tu temps que j'ai.
      Je continue les tests ENB, mais j'en fais pas beaucoup. Je regarderais Tannmark ENB. pourquoi pas!!

      je fais tout le blog en anglais mais tu peux commenter en français. Le blog est en anglais pour tout simplement toucher un plus grand public mondial.

      Merci Ă  toi.


    2. Merci de la réponse !

      Je suis sacrĂ©ment heureuse d'ĂȘtre arrivĂ©e ici en recherchant des vĂȘtements et armures UUNP pour ma petite chĂ©rie sur Skyrim, elle va ĂȘtre servie vu la variĂ©tĂ© que tu nous prĂ©sentes :>
      J'ai d'ailleurs hĂąte de voir un prochain article Lust, je ne suis peut ĂȘtre pas bien coquine, mais la façon dont tu prĂ©sentes tes personnages sans trop de vulgaritĂ© est vraiment plaisante Ă  voir !

      Je comprend d'ailleurs tout Ă  fait le choix de faire et gĂ©rer ce blog en anglais, et vu que je n'aie pas le moindre soucis avec la langue de Shakespeare, j'ai un bien plus grand intĂ©rĂȘt d'admirer ton blog ;0

    3. Oui, le style du blog est plutÎt orienté "charme" et "élégance". Je préfÚre et ça me correspond.
      C'est le cas effectivement des articles "Lust". C'est la touche un peu érotique du blog...mais jamais de vulgarité. C'est pas nécessaire et beaucoup de gens le fond déjà.

      Si tu maitrise parfaitement la langue de Shakespeare, excuse moi pour les nombreuses fautes en Anglais. J'essaye de faire de mon mieux.
      En tout cas, l'anglais est tout à fait un bon choix quand on crée du contenu sur Skyrim.


    4. C'est rare de trouver, de nos jours, des personnes poster des blogs "coquins" de cette maniĂšre. Nombre de mes recherches m'ont conduits ou vers des sites asiatiques/russes, ou vers de la pornographie, et mĂȘme si ça ne me choque pas, ta touche de douceur m'a vraiment faite un bien fou !

      En effet, il t'arrive de faire des erreurs, mais vu la TAILLE de ce que tu Ă©cris, ainsi que le travail que tu fournis quotidiennement, c'est vraiment pardonnable. Et puis, c'est normal de faire des erreurs mĂȘme pour une langue aussi simple que l'anglais ! Il m'arrive encore de faire des erreurs assez banale aujourd'hui, quoiqu'elle sont bien plus rare dĂ©sormais qu'il y a 1 an de cela.

    5. merci Tiphaine,

      je pense que tu as tout compris Ă  mon blog sur son orientation et sur ce que je veux faire passer :)


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