Demon Hunter UUNP (Lorelei) 4K

Standard Brown

Black Retex

White Retex


It's been a long time I want to work a little bit on this armor.
The Demon Hunter outfit is very simple but it's very well balanced.

Important note : This outfit is the "Demon Hunter". You can also find the "Demon Hunter Armor".....which is another armor. Completly different but  the name is very similar.
- Demon Hunter Armor on Skyrim Scandal -

Yes, I know , this can be confusing, but I wanted to be clear.

 At the bottom of the page, you'll find a loooooot of retextures (links). I didn't showcase every colors. A little bit too much. Each time you must copy/paste to use a new texture. You can use the color you want, the one you like. You have a lot of choice. It's up to you, choose your favorite. I tried to find all available retextures. I believe I missed one or two. Don't worry, best retextures are linked here.
My favorite are the classic brown (original) and the white version. As usual, the black version is too black and lose details.
Others retextures wasn't to my taste. The Noldorian version looks very cool but my capture session was already finished, so I did not made it. Give it a try. That's original.
 On a side note, this outfit with a modified esp to use several colors in game could be interesting.

Textures are not really high resolution...but they create a very nice final effect. They look like leather and plastic a little bit. The mix is not bad. It may depend of the ENB of course.
Clippings are very rare, even on the Unpetite body. Should be perfect with other bodies.

I'll be honest, I really like one special part of this outfit......... How can I write it without being vulgar?...Huummm.... The trouser (meshes and textures) creates a beautiful ass. Yes, that's it. I hope you understand me 😄. This is a generous trouser and that's feminine. 

I think this is the strong point of the outfit. So, that's not skimpy, but the outfit enhances the silhouette of your character....everywhere...really everywhere.

It can be used easily in the game. That's very close to the lore. For me, it's a classic, so, textures and the conception are a little bit old but you will always have some pleasure to use it again, again, and again.

A classic - must have - magic trouser 😄


Demon Hunter original by Jmenaru (Nexus) - Original brown and black in optionals

Demon Hunter UUNP bodyslide by Lordmikukisan (Nexus)

Demon Hunter white retex by Warmok

Demon Hunter violet/ black/ white-black by Stealthic

Demon Hunter / Noldorian Huntress retex by  EcthelionOtW

Retextured Demon Hunter by Anoldfriend

Demon Hunter various textures by CrimsonFairy


  1. those pants are.. tight!

    1. Yup, tight...really tight. And this sensation is only made with textures. This proves textures are important.
      Best Wishes Wnisewond.

  2. they definitely hug the glutes fairly always a +1 in my book

    1. You probably uses "words" I should have used (hug the glutes) . That's the correct expression to explain all the benefit of this outfit. Well, you understood the sense of my article, so that's great.
      Best Wishes Joe


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