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Blog news / Updates / Thoughts

    First, welcome to everybody. My habit is to write a text every two months to share with you my feeling, my ideas, my thoughts about the blog. An analysis about my activity here. I create several chapters with theme.

1) My comfort zone

    Skyrim Scandal is my comfort zone. A Nexus/ Flickr friend tells me that. And he is correct. My blog represents my personnality and how I like to share. On the internet, you have multiple solutions to post (Nexus, LL, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogs, Specialized websites, social Networks, etc...). A place for everybody. My place is here. It's comfortable, i'm free to post what I want, when I want and with my own methods.
So, you're always welcome, in my comfort zone

For peoples who know, I'm an INTP (introversion, intuition, thinking, perceiving). I hope this is more clear for you now :)

2) Nexus

    I don't like the new presentation of Nexus. That's a personal feeling. This new presentation misses something. Too much datas, too much options, less clarity, lot of places for minor contents and sometimes, important informations are totally invisible.
I had already taken some distances with Nexus (for personal reasons) but this new presentation doesn't motivate me to spend more time on Nexus. So, just some fast visits to catch oldies and new interesting mods and some endorsements to encourage modders and some screenarchers, but that is all.
Of course i can use Nexus to upload some new face presets. But this is mainly my only activity on Nexus.
It was my thoughts 😀 about Nexus. Nothing more, nothing less. 
However, if you observe the internet and the multiplication of peoples who create their own pages ( Flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, etc...), that's a sign that Nexus is late and outdated on some subjects.
Too bad for a website with 14 000 000 members.

3) Recently on Skyrim Scandal 👍

These last times, there was some new things on my blog.

- Images in 21:9  (3840*1620)
- SHASHA , my new argonian character for showcases
- Amelia Rose is a new model for showcases too
- All my articles will be definitly 4K (3840*2160).......always
- A new lingerie category on the front page (side bar)
- I'm trying a live chat. If I'm available to discuss, you'll see a live chat on the main front page. You are free to discuss with me in real time if you want. It is anonymous and easy to use.
- My articles about retextures

4) I have a new monitor

Yes, and why I tell you that?
Well, I wanted to change my old monitor. It was only 2K.
My new monitor is now 4K but colors are reeeeeaaaaally different for me. So, please, tell me if you notice something strange in my images (too bright, too dark, strange colors,...). I need this feedback from you.

5) The Heart of Skyrim Scandal

UUNP conversions showcasing ! That's the subtitle of my blog and my main activity. There are still a lot of UUNP articles to do.
You'll find ENB tests and screenshots tips too (more rare but still present).
I create articles about "retextures". You appreciate them a lot. Thank you.
My last article about the Windows 10 DX9 update has been highy appreciated. I(ll try to do more articles like this one. This is very personal and probably why you liked it.

6) UUNP conversions

Do you know how I chose an armor? Why I select a specific outfit?
My first selection is : Does the bodyslide work? Simply
Unfortunatly, several bodyslides don't work or don't provide the good selected body or simply create very strange meshes or totally incomplete. So, you understand that I can't present them here. 

I do a selection, I install conversions, I play with them, I test them and I do an article with my own presentation. My goal is quality and a clean game.
Quality over quantity.

Other than that, I try to present varied modders to highlight a lot of peoples and styles.

7) My english

Believe me or not, but my blog and you, of course 😁, help me to improve my english language.
When i write commentaries in articles about one outfit/armor, I always try to do clean sentences and I attempt to increase my vocabulary. So, that's a good thing.
So, thank you a lot if you read my commentaries. Recently, somebody told me that he/she likes to read my commentaries. I was very happy and it was a great victory for me.

I think I deserve a chocolate medal 

8) My Skyrim Scandal Discord

I don't have time to give life to my Skyrim Scandal Discord, so, i will close it. I prefer to spend my time on my blog.
However, you have multiple solution to contact me : my blog (commentaries and the Live chat), my Nexus and even my Flickr. I keep the essential.

9) Thank you

Of course. Thank you to everybody who come on my humble blog. Your numerous visits tell me "continue!" or "you are in the right direction!". Thanks to peoples who let comments on the blog too. I appreciate all kind of comments.
So, thank you a lot. That's a very good reward for me. You know that I do my blog with pleasure and to share my vision. 

I think you deserve a true medal

10) What I would like to do.......but I can't do it!

Streaming! I would like to stream with new concepts of videos and presentations............and in english.......with my miss something special 😄. But I just can't. My internet connection speed is veryyyyy looooowww. I just can't do it. I'm frustrated with that. I already tried and even a 1080p is impossible for me....actualy.

11) Blogger (Blogspot) is a good place

I appreciate a lot Blogger. 
- simple presentation
- efficient
- clear content
- only the essential
- fast loading
- very personal

You must know that all images are 4K on my blog. 4K in the native resolution of my screenshots and the display you see here is 4K too. Not everybody do that.

Do you know a faster place to see 4K articles in full resolution ? Not me.
With my bad internet connection, this is pretty decent, so if some of you have good connections, this must be very fast. It counts.

12) Advices and suggestions 

You give life to the blog, so, every advices and suggestions from you are welcome here.

Thank you



  1. Marmotte tu gĂšres. De la part d'un ISTP.

    1. Franchement, je ne m'attendais pas à cette réponse....mais j' On n'est pas si loin niveau profil psychologique. On se comprend entre introvertis :)

    2. C'est également ma pensée :)
      Je viens récemment de me mettre sérieusement au modding dans Skyrim et ton blog est un de mes repaires préférés. Merci à toi pour tout ça !

    3. Merci Anonymous :) Prends mon blog comme un repÚre graphique. Il est intéressant pour ça. J'ai pas encore fais d'articles sur les installations et les mods recommandés pour obtenir un bon jeu stable et beau. C'est du boulot.
      Cependant, c'est dans mes projets de faire un article sur ce sujet, puisque j'ai une approche différente de tout le monde et des conclusions différentes de tout ce qu'on peut trouver a gauche ou a droite.
      Donc , je ferais un article pour obtenir un Skyrim enfin stable et qui a du sens. Ce sera trÚs intéressant et constructif, j'en suis sur.

    4. Quand je parle de m'y mettre sérieusement, je veux dire que j'ai enfin fait mon installation parfaite et stable avec 300 mods, ENB et tout le toutim. Maintenant j'essaye de m'amuser avec les meshes et textures mais ce n'est pas toujours évident. Et question création de personnage, je suis vraiment aux fraises.
      D'ailleurs, c'Ă©tait aussi moi l'ISTP du premier commentaire, mais pour une raison il m'a mis en Unknown :)

    5. Inconnu ou anonyme, c'est un peu pareil pour moi :) Ça ne me dĂ©range pas. Bien au contraire, la discrĂ©tion est importante.
      300 mods (avec esp) , ca devient délicat pour avoir une stabilité, mais c'est faisable. Quoiqu'il en soit, je sortirais un article sur les bon réflexes pour avoir de la stabilité.
      Merci encore

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. It is a wonderful blog, everyday I get excited to see what you have posted and to see all of your beautiful screenshots that come along with it.

    Keep up the great work! :D

    1. A pleasure to read you, Wnisewond :) I hope for you the best. I wish you'll post new great mods on Nexus (what you like)....with pleasure and passion. That's important.
      This is the "fuel" of creativity, news and quality.
      I count on you.

  4. Tiens j'ai fait le test pour voir j'obtiens INFJ. Sinon je souhaite longue vie Ă  ton blog, tes photos et personnages sont superbes, et je suis d'accords pour le nouveau nexus, je ne l'aime pas :(
    (Au fait moi pour te répondre à la discussion sur Nox aussi je préfÚre jouer des personnages bons ^^)

    1. Alors on est 2 a vouloir la paix dans Skyrim :) c'est un bon début :)
      Tu es INFJ...profil intéressant. On a des points communs, c'est bien. on se comprend, je n'en doutais pas.
      Merci pour tes encouragements, et je les prends.
      Le nouveau Nexus fait peu de satisfaits j'ai remarqué. Je dirais 50% de satisfaits...50% d'insatisfaits (une tendance). Ils ont la chance d'avoir du contenu depuis plusieurs années, sinon bon nombre de personnes auraient fait un autre choix, à mon humble avis.

      Merci Mel. Longue vie au blog :)

  5. Ne change rien Marmotte, toujours un régal le matin, en buvant le café, de découvrir ton nouveau showcase :)
    Je suis d'accord avec toi sur le nouveau Nexus, je regrette que tu es décidé de le quitter un peu plus :(

    1. Non , je ne changerais rien......ou sinon je rajouterais du contenu et peu ĂȘtre de nouvelles idĂ©es.
      Je reste simple et fidĂšle a mon concept et Ă  mon style.
      T'es pas la seule a boire le café avec le blog sous les yeux!!! lol Y aurait il un rapport entre Skyrim Scandal et le café de bon matin? probablement...y faut que je réfléchisse à ça.

      Merci Bulle. Je frĂ©quente peu le Nexus mais j'y passe pour voir tes Ɠuvres, ne t'inquiĂšte pas. Le dernier set est pas mal (portraits), mĂȘme si je pense que le Nexus est surblindĂ© de portraits.

      Merci bulle


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