Lingerie Set UUNP (Diana) 4K


Some articles can be contructive, and this one is. Indeed, i like to showcase lingerie (a lot) and there are a lot of UUNP lingerie mods. So, for a better organisation on my blog, i will create a new shortcut on my main side bar with only lingerie mods (underwear/ undergarment). In several days.... this week end maybe...
In my opinion, lingerie needs an exclusive place. I will present all lingerie sets as usual (totally random) but they'll have their own folder.
Lingerie is not really lore friendly and not really useful in the game. This is aesthesic... mainly, and a pleasure for my eyes and yours too (I hope😋). For me me the signification is charm and seduction.
So, a side place for a better organisation, and of course for "lingerie lovers" who want to find the essential about UUNP underwear.
This category will be presented as " UUNP Lingerie Special " on my main page.

- Let's back to the mod now ! -

For today, the "lingerie Set" and UUNP ...please.
That's a good original mod and a decent conversion. Meshes could be better for stocking, so, legs are not perfect. High heels are not converted, so you have some textures mismatch for feet.
I believe this mod is probably included in another big merged mod, but the bodyslide is only made for this mod. So, I do it. You will have a lot of variations and choices. Choice is important.
Panty, bra and garter fit correctly to the body. Small clipping on the panty (front and back). But the spirit is here and the whole shape is well done. That's basic but natural...and the seduction is present. The goal is reached. That's the principal .

Textures could be better. Well, that's an old mod, I believe. I always give a better score for lingeries with a great lacework. This one does not have a precise lace. For a precise point lace, we need 2K....minimum. The mod is 1K (1024*1024) with transparencies.
You have 3 textures available (red, black, white). That's ok for me. They have the same base meshes but the result on images is always different. That's what I like.

Well, a nice lingerie mod. Not the best, but pretty decent. That's a nice introduction to the world of underwear 😊
That's erotic and it works. And you can note that Diana could not resist to offer you a small stripping.

No, it's not my fault...


Lingerie set original by Kurese and Nausicaa

Lingerie Set UUNP conversion by Kboom


  1. I like your pube textures but they look as privately owned as they get, or is there any place I could actually find them?

    1. I edited textures to obtain a different body for each of my characers. As you can see, Diana has her own tattoo and pube textures. She also has her own with hips lines. I don't want to use textures that everybody use, so I personalized them....simply, for a more personal and unique touch. You can't find them, that's private.
      Thank you for your interest, I appreciate :)

  2. Great blog Marmotte ty for this

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for posting. I take it like an encouragement.


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