Fur Huntress UUNP (Thema) 4K


Really great outfit. This can be used in game without any problems. It's very lore friendly, so if the lore is important for you, you can select this fur armor.
The bow is not included. The bow comes from this mod if you are interested

 Textures are decent. Fur parts are a little bit imprecise but leather parts are good. You see fabric details.
But the strong part of the outfit is the bodyslide. Indeed, you have zap sliders.
For beginners or new players, i explain:
Zap sliders allow you to remove specific parts of the outfit.
In this case:
- pant
- legwrap
- pouches
- ArmWraps
- skirt
So, you can personalize your armor. That's very good. All armors don't have this option. 
You can obtain something covered or something more "skimpy"

Zap sliders in the bodyslide

Zoom on zap sliders

So, yes, i really like this option. Too much rare in my opinion. Diablio made sliders.
So, you can adapt the armor according to the climate and missions.

I have just one small problem with the fur hood. When it's down , it's ok ( my favorite). But the hood is on the head, this doesn't work. I don't know why...it's simply invisible.
Despite that, the balance of this outfit is great.

Zip zip, zap zap....zwiiip

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Fur Huntress original by Killerkeo

Fur Huntress UUNP bodyslide conversion by Diablio