Alecu's Elegant Dress UUNP + Colors (Lorelei) 4K


This is a very simple mod. Just one dress. It's a classic. But i always like to revisit classics even if they can be sometimes a little bit "old" (about the conception).
I like the natural shape of this dress. Very elegant...for seductresses­čśŐ Simplicity and charm...all what i like.
Some clippings sometimes, specialy on the lower part of the dress. The panty clip a lot.
This mod doesn't contain any accessories. Boots and stocking are not part of the dress. I just used them for the article.
However, you can use all boots or garters or stockings available in other UUNP mods.

I specially made this article to give you the link of all colors.
Yes, the original dress is black. I like black, but having choice is better isn't it?
So, you can adapt all textures from the original mod from oblivion
Black- red- white- violet- yellow. Very nice. I used the yellow for the article. You just have to rename the main dress texture.
Or you can simply take all colors and paste them in your Alecu's textures folder. Then, in nifskope, apply your favorite color to the dress, string and panty.

Textures are very simple...a little bit low resolution.

Well, nice dress.....not the best dress ever of course. Interesting to see the course of this outfit from Oblivion to Skyrim to UUNP.
You could be surprised about the number of assets which come from Oblivion.

Classics never die.

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Alecu's Elegant Dress base by Alecu

Alecu's Elegant dress UUNP conversion by Markdf (LL)

Alecu's elegant dress Colors by Alecu (from Oblivion)