Ranger's Berne Armor UUNP (Idye) 4K

Brown Version

Black Version


It's been a long time i want to introduce you this armor.

Two versions exist. A brown one and a black one. The black version is a little bit "sad" and we don't see a lot of details. All black armors have always less details...except with particular light sources.
However, steel arms protections are very shiny and pop out the screen. That's good.

The brown version is a little bit more interessting. Contrasts are better of course, and we see shapes and details. As you can see, the Bodyslide is absolutly perfect. No clippings at all. Well, except on knees sometimes.
You have different brown variations  (vest, trouser, muffler) and you can see seams. Very realist, lore friendly (in my opinion).
You have a bandana too (brown and black). Idye likes Bandanas.

Interesting parts of this armor are the trouser and the muffler.
The trouser is very unique and very stylish. This bring a sexy touch without showing anything. I like a lot meshes.
The muffler has a very good shape. You can use it with other mods. The muffler is a separate mesh, it's not "paste" to the vest.Very good.

All textures are 1024*1024. Good for gameplay and big adventures 😄
1K is always very fluid in-game. Textures have some weakness for screenarchery but that's very decent. Perfection does not exist.

Well, a good armor, for every players, every games, every Skyrim. If you like original and novel trousers, this conversion if for you.


Ranger's Berne Armor UUNP

(Full standalone) by Darknsky (LL)

Black version
brown version not available actualy


  1. Links are no longer working from Darknsky. Shame, this is such a pretty armor. Thought I'd let you know :)

    1. Ok thank you, I will try to find new links asap.

    2. I found a link for the black version


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