BDO Valkyrie Venslar Retouched UUNP (Diana) 4K

BDO Valkyrie Venslar Retouched Base by Regenbot

BDO Valkyrie Venslar Retouched UUNP by Diablio


If you want the non-retouched version (original textures):

BDO Valkyrie Venslar by Rayne1023/ Arrow & Knee Team (3DM chinese website)
or here

BDO Valkyrie Venslar UUNP by Diablio

The difference is mainly on textures. The retouched version has more realist and finest textures, with more details. Cubemaps and the skirt has been modified too. 
The retouched version has a better final result on images and in game. Feel free to test both of them.

Final note: 
The Unicorn is not included in the mod.
You can find the Unicorn here: 


Leave it to chance!