Screenshot Trick 5 : Silhouette DOF


Very special trick today. This tip is for creators, for artists and mainly for peoples who research a nice and original effect with the DOF. For screenarchery...not for gameplay!
Well, this is to create Art. Possibilities are infinite.

Yes, the depth of field creates this effect. An easy manipulation to create silhouettes in Skyrim whatever the ENB.

First the showcase, then the explication.

Nice , isn't it ?  😊  Personnaly, i like a lot.

Well, it's easy, you just need to push the Bokeh Highlight to 0 in the ENB GUI (Shaders parameters)
You Skyrim will turn black and white with a special effect.

When you reach 0, the effect is very sensible. Move the camera and test in game. You can use consol comands of course
Some settings in the DOF can modifiy the silhouette effect: Below , i show you what settings are important. Well, just play with it. Very easy.

I hope you like this tip. It's unique. Not sure if anybody has already used this technic but the result is very artistic.
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If you use this technic on one showcase, do not hesitate to link my page. You are very kind :)

Marmotte....silhouette creator  :)