Reinforced Ebony Armor UNP 4K

Part 1 is the standard shape for the Reinforced ebony armor. This version is a unique part (gloves, armor, boots). Only the helmet is separated. With this version, your female character looks "muscular" and athletic.

Part 2 is the reshape UNP by Graviczapa. This time , the armor is made with all separated parts ( Gloves, armor, boots and the helmet). The reshape is more feminine. Well, it's a reshape build on the UNP standard body. The chest is smaller and in my opinion, this version is more natural.

Both versions have the same textures, the same result reflection. They are both full standalone. You just need to choose your favorite :)

Part 1 (standard version)

Part 2 (UNP version)


Don't go further!!! this is the best remesh/reshape of the female ebony armor available in the world.
This is how it should be in the original game.
The armor uses the Cabal's ebony retexture
So, you know the deal....activate the reflection interior/exterior in the ENB for insane results :)

Yes, the remesh is perfect. The mix between heavy armor and femininity is of the best i seen.
It comes in 2 shape variations. One with a flat plate on the chest and another one with breast shape. Nicely done.

Of course, it's not a bikini armor 😄, but this one is superbly lore-friendly. High heels are integrated subtly. You need the HDT high heels plugin to make it work.

It's stand alone, it doesn't rewrite you own ebony armor.

Go for it, definitly! Standard or UNP !

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Reinforced ebony armor by Export (Minan012)

Reinforced ebony armor UNP by Graviczapa


    Hey Marmotte~ thx for the nice pic :)
    And it's the link to the modified version of this superb armor
    This version is different for that it has full parts of the armor; helmet, cuirass, boots and gauntlets.
    Matching set & well fitted, and all the other heavy armor perks :):) and also the meshes have been reshaped to fit UNP body(though not sure..)
    But it needs to be translated using tes5edit or else.. phew ^.*
    If you already knew this site, then sorry.. *.^
    Anyway hoping to see more pic from yours :):)

    1. Thank you a lot for this link. I didn't know Graviczapa made an UNP version....and believe me , i love Graviczapa 's work!
      So, that perfect for the blog. I like precision and details. It's important for my visitors too :)

      I try the Graviczapa's version and i update my description, of course.

      Thank you a lot. This helps my blog to be better and better...and high quality choice :)


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