Raging moon UUNP (Idye)

In this article, Idye is accompagnied by Him. Him is available on Nexus as a follower by Triptherift http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79613/?
The face preset has been made by me and is available here http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/79540/? 




I wanted to showcase this garment since a long time...because i like it.

The mod is complete : 
One big bow
3 swords
3 complete outfits
Meshes of the original mod are heavy. They are detailled. Some details are important , specially on the leather belt. The bodyslide do the job. However, The unpetite bodyslide doesn't provide the best result. The outfit works better with a bigger chest. UNPetite is not the easiest bodyslide because of its special shape. However, if the bodyslide works good for me, this will be perfect for you , i suppose.

Textures are great. We have a nice feeling with fabric, leather and metal. It makes sense.
The original outfit comes from Renderosity. Lots of Skyrim conversion come from Renderosity
Just for your knowledge  😉

Boots are very nice like gauntlets. The small panty is cute too and the upper part too. You have a necklace too.

3 different colors are available: White/red/dark
My favorite is the red one...it's more dirty and with nice realism.

A very good conversion for the UUNP familly. Idye likes a lot. It's always in her wardrobe...one of her favorite :)

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Raging moon original by JRCosta

Raging moon UUNP by Diablio