Mixed Gear Pack UUNP (Diana)


Today, a presentation of the "Mixed gear pack UUNP" by Meteox.

However, you must know some details about it.
This pack has some good parts......and some bad parts.

Good parts, you can watch them below 👍
Bad parts,....i don't show them  👎  What are bad parts? CTD, my friend. I can't showcase an armor which cause CTD. 
Bad parts are imcomplete bodyslide too. There are...

So, armors presented here are safe. Others are not.

Let's start!!!

1) Heavenly Armor UUNP

2) Markswoman outfit UUNP


3) Enchantress UUNP


Caution : "Enchantress gloves" crash your game. So, don't equip them. However, if you like superb CTD, then go for them. I guarantee a superb black screen and a very quick come back to your desktop :) On Skyrim Scandal, we prevent CTD  :)

 4) Faith Healer Clothes UUNP

 5) Obsidian armor ( No showcase...the armor CTD)

6) Dimachaerus Clothes ( No showcase...Bodyslide imcomplete)

7) Seducer Lingerie ( No showcase...Bodyslide imcomplete)

8) Mechanic cloth ( No Showcase...A non sense for me, sorry. Modern boots with steel gauntlets...i just can't do it)


Well, a very irregular pack armor. This pack consists of an armor mashup from various mods.

First point, textures are poor unfortunatly. 1K maximum, 512 most often. So, if you like clean textures, it's not for you.
Second point, some armors parts CTD (by equipping or just in the inventory) and some bodyslides parts are imcomplete....So, nobody can use the whole armor. 
It's frustrating. Why the pack is not fix? I don't know.

However, some parts or some armors are good.

Best part : 

The sword and wings from the heavenly set...really superb. If you want to give an angel touch to your character, these wings are wonderful. The sword is great too....really impressive.

Good parts : 

- The markswoman dress is very nice and cute. This comes from the tes4mod. I really like, textures are nice and the spirit of the complete set is great.
- The heavenly armor is not bad. Fits perfectly for Diana of course.
- The faith healer is a good cloth. Mage oriented with a nice hoodand interesting colors.
- The enchantress is just...correct and usable.

Others parts CTD or are a non-sense....for me. Maybe not for you. 
So, try the pack and you will have your own opinion.

I showcase the pack only for 3 or 4 pieces. 30% of the pack is usefull. You can use this pack only for a dress or wings, or some gloves. 
Definitly imcomplete....but deserves a place here.

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Mixed gear UUNP by Meteox