Lust Volume 5 : Update Diana 's body (Small tattoo and hip lines)


It's Sunday. A good day to take a break 😁
You're lucky. It's the perfect article to rest and to relax!

No special theme for this Lust volume 5. Just some shots to show you some changes for Diana's body.

Despite the fact i like natural and simple girls, it's important for me that they have some signs of distinction, some uniques features.
Well, they must be unique...simply.

So, the first improvement is about Diana. Not her bodyshape but on some textures.

I do it simple and effective.

So, i added 2 new elements/details on her body:

- New hip lines

They have been recently provide by Halo
Diana hasn't muscles, but these new hip lines are perfect for her and improve her hips. Her hips are important, because hips are very curved on the UNPetite body.
And Diana is very pale. So, some shapes are welcome.
So , I added hip lines to her msn file:

- A new cute small tattoo

Some small butterflies 😁 very cute. They have shadows, so it's "in relief"
I wasn't sure about this tattoo. But it's small and discreet.
I placed it above her pubis. That's cute, I like and it's unique.

Well, I hope you like. Here are some shots in-game. I selected my Rudy NLA ENB to have more colors in the background.

good viewing




  1. Hi Marmotte,
    Diana looks really beautiful. The caterpillars do fit to her very nicely. Romantic and individual. Say is it possible to get the skin with the customization you did to hips, pubic and the nice caterpillars? I would really enjoy to watch her in Skyrim.

    1. Thanks Rolgar. This is the old version of Diana's body.
      I changed her and New brows too. Now , she still have hip line and better tattoos with better resolution. Glad you like her.

      About her in skyrim, you can download her as a vampire follower on Nexus. you'll find easily. Actually, no standard version exists. I'm not a creator of followers.

    2. Thanks for your answer. Actually I just would like to have the textures for the skin. I am playing her as player character not as follower. Is it possible to get the customized textures?

    3. Hi Rolgar,

      For now, I keep it private. I share as much as possible , but Diana's body is too unique to be shared. I hope you understand.


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