Light Mage Outfit UUNP (Diana) 4K


For this article, i use the Grim and Somber ENB by Wolfgrimdark.
I use the Jyggalag version.

This is a superb ENB, powerful,100% cinematic, stable, and unique. Despite the fact I prefer realist ENBS, i like to use this ENB when I am in the mood. And today, i want to use it.

This ENB is very easy to use and i recommend it. There are no requirements to use it. You don't need special weathers or lighting mods to have a good result. Fits perfectly for Vanilla Build.
The ENB fits well to my actual setting. I have just desactivated NLA and my Vivid weather options.

By default, the ENB is very good. You don't need to tweak it....except for Fairskin complexion me.

If you use the default setting of the subsurface scattering, FSC will be ugly. I mean, the skin of your character will be "flashy", "pink or yellow explosion", "no detailled".

So, i use this opportunity to share with you my setting of the Subsurface scattering to have a good result for Fairskin Complexion users (only with GS Jyggalag).

Thank you

Fair skin Complexion and Grim and somber Jyggalag

Light Mage Outfit UUNP by Darknsky (full standalone)


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