Gallery of Armor UUNP (Kissmiax)


This armors pack is available since a long time on the Nexus (2014). I'm glad the UUNP bodyslide is available now. But you can use the standard version too. It works with every bodyshapes.

A pack of five armors, very lore friendly. Armors are very heavy and are excellent for adventures and combats. Some armors are linked to guards.

You can choose between 1K or 2K textures. Take the doesn't cost any fps and it's really better.

- The Markarth version is very nice with the dwarven influence
- The Savage hunter is a great leather armor
- the windhelm version is a great full plated armor with heavy helmet
- and the solitude infantry has a great design, shape and spirit.
-The riften version is the less interesting

Well, if you like non skimpy armor with original helmet, this pack is for you.
The bodyslide is very good. Made by Diablio, it works...always.....and you have groups to make a batch built.

A pack for everybody/ every characters/ every adventures. I definitly recommend this mod, because basics are important too.


Gallery of armor base by Omegared99 

Gallery of armor UUNP by Diablio


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