ENB Test : Kwanon ENB


Today, an ENB test 👍....cool. I like to test ENBS. I should do more!

Kwanon ENB

This new ENb is called "Kwanon ENB" made by Hhaleyy. 
The name "Kwanon" comes from the trademarck "Canon". Before Canon exists, It was Kwanon....bla,bla, bla... Today, we all know these great cameras. They are famous for their reflex.
On skyrim Scandal, we do some history too :)

Hhaleyy is the creator of fairskin complexion, so i'm waiting the best result on my characters skin ,of course.

It's interesting to test myself to this exercice.

In this article i'm taking screenshots of nature, characters, landscape and various things. Interiors and exteriors. Night or day. All shots are 2K.

Watch the full set. My opinion is to the end of the article....

Good viewing.

 I hope you enjoy the set. So, this enb..... 👀

Well, i'm a little bit disappointed. From Hhaleyy, i thought this enb could be the best enb for skin textures...and specialy fairskin complexion. The skin is unfortunatly flat without "life". I'm sooooo disappointed. It's hard for me when you love Hhaleyy's work.
I tried to edit the subsurface scattering , but no better results.

In 3rd person, the Dof blur the character. I don't like that too. So , i edited the dof for a better and a more personal result. This can be disturbing for some users.

Another point, the enb is not precise. Weak point for me too.


Otherwise, the ENB is interesting. Some plants can have a very nice result. 👍
The sunset is good too, with a very nice Lens effect.
The enb is very stable. No CTD for me.
The enb is not demanding. Easy to obtain full FPS, so the gameplay is enjoyable.
You obtain good results with a simple Skyrim...without too much lightings or weathers mods.

The color "pink" is present a lot in the ENB. You like or not . It's up to you.

Strangely, this ENB is better for landscapes rather than characters. This is what I don't understand from Hhaleyy. I don't understand this choice.

This ENB doesn't improve armors and materials. Only plants and the terrain. Trees are ok. You have good results for the water.
Interiors are good but still need some work.

Well, i can't put this ENB in my top5. Maybe i will use it for some special sets...but i'm not sure.

Conclusion: Disappointed. I expected more..specially with the ENB serie 315. The ENb is fun to use for gameplay. Difficult to push the limits for screenarchery with this enb. No special or unique features.

Nice try Hhaleyy 😁 but i prefer your work on skins.


  1. This ENB however is really nice for low end to midrange machines it runs really well on my late 2016-early 2017 MacBook pro with the new ENB binaries I get up to 30-40 fps with it.

    1. Thank you for your impressions V.V.
      I think Hhaley has improved the ENB since my test. So, It should be better now. It's a performant ENB for sure, I agree with you. FPS depends a lot of your quality textures too... That's an important data.
      I'm specially disapointed about details on all textures. I need details and precision. That's my first request.That's the reason of my lack of enthousiasm. However, peoples can find good caracteristics about this enb and that's the most important. There is an ENB for everybody :) Thank you


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