Edhildils Witch Doctor UUNP (Thema) 4K


Finally!!!!! The Edhildil's Witch Doctor for UUNP!!! It was long! And now it's available :)

The original cloth is great but the original bodyshape was not my taste. Now with the UUNP version, it's for everybody.
The cloth is skimpy, as you can see. A tattoo is a nice solution to improve the spirit. The bodyslide is perfect and well made. Good point.
Textures are decent, even for this old creation.
Each parts of the outfit have a special name. I like ,it's original.

The texture of the skeleton mask could be better.It's a little bit low resolution. Maybe i can find a retex. If i find one, i will update the article with a link.

The whole spirit is great and uncommon. Fits perfectly for savage characters like Thema....or yours :)
The mod comes with a weapon...a mace.....the skeleton head.

Definitly a must have in my library :) An old mod , but full of ideas and i like that.

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Edhildils Witch Doctor BBP Base by Edhildil

Edhildils Witch Doctor UUNP by Kenmastery


or here

 Edhildils Witch Doctor UUNP on LL


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