Fancy dress UUNP and colorized version (Diana and Lorelei)


I have already done an article about the Fancy dress. However, it was imcomplete in my opinion. My blog, my rules :)
Yes, it was one of my first article and some details are missing.

This dress is very famous in the skyrim community. So, I want to :
- Showcase the quality of this dress
- credit all peoples who added their own touch to this outfit and to the original author.
- Show you again Diana in this dress :) This is made for her :)

So, to be clear:

Note 1: All versions are standalone: the original, the UUNP conversion and the colorized version. Take your favorite 😀  and thanks modders if you want. I'm sure they will appreciate your kind words.

Now, you know everything about the Fancy dress. 

Thank you for reading me,


Note 2: I try a new compression for my images (smaller weight). I hope the quality is still here. All is 1920*1080. Of course, all my shots are 100% natural, the enb does all the job :) just saying...

Fancy dress UUNP standard color (Diana)

Fancy dress UNP colorized version (Lorelei)



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