Photography Guide to Depth of Field (DoF) for Skyrim


Today, a special article for you ! and it's easy....

A complete and easy setting for a high quality depth of field (DOF).

If you don't know what is a DOF, you can learn it on Wiki. The article is correct : 


This is for all ENB users. Your enb must have the DOF option. 97% of all ENBS have one...
Technically, in Skyrim, a dof is 2 files:
 You can use the DOF of your Enb of course. However, in some ENBS, the dof can be very ugly or complicated to edit.
My recommendation: Download and use the optional dof in Rudy ENB. 
Take only the two enbeffectprepass files and place them in your ENBSERIE folder ( or another place according to your ENB structure). This dof is easy,clean and powerfull. Just the essential.

This dof is "hand-made" by me for close-up...especially portraits.
With this dof, your images will have a special unique professional touch. 

Let's begin !

1- Commands for a good portrait are in order:
     - freeze the game with ²
     - TFC 1
     - FOV10 
     - SUCSM 3
     -  place the face of your character in the center of the screen :)

2- Open your ENB GUI ( for me, it's ctrl+enter)

3- Activate the DOF. To activate, put a green sign next to the depth of field.

4- Select the best quality for your DOF (very high). Apply and save!!

5- DOF settings are in the Enbeffectprepass section
    For better results, i recommend to put the focal point on the nose of your character. Activate the 'Display AF cursor and put the focal point on the nose. (pos X and pos Y)

6-In this image, i'm editing the dof.

7- Here are my final settings for a perfect DOF with clean lines and a perfect background. The face is highlight.
Copy carefully the most important settings:
- AF far blur curve
- Aperture size
- Quality
- Bokeh highlight
- Bokeh bias

 8- Final result. Remove every UI on the screen. It's clean.

 9- Optional: You can add a cute vignette if you want. A portrait can be made with a vignette. This adds a classic style.
Search the vignette settings...probably in enbeffect.

Here are my settings for the vignette:

10- Final result DOF + vignette.


All settings are easy to do. After several tries, you can achieve very good result. This takes some time in the begining, but you can do it very quicly with experience.

If you have questions, ask in the commentary part.
I will upload more unique settings for the DOF.

Thank you for reading.



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