Lust Volume 3 : The Beauty and the Beast (Diana and the Beast)

Skyrim Scandal - Lust volume 3 with Diana


For this volume 3, i created a set with two characters :) I like changes.
The set is influenced by the story of the Beauty and the Beast. Google for more details.
  • Diana as Belle : The Beauty
  • The Beast as the Beast
This is a mix of erotism, romanticism, comptemplation, tales, and special relationship. Well, i let you interpret this serie.
I hope you like this style and the athmosphere.

Important detail : The Beast does not touch Diana. That was the challenge.

For curious peoples, the ENB is M ENB.
This ENB is very romantic. I think it matches for this sort of set. I recommend it...highly. Mainly if you want to add an artistic touch to your game or to your images.

You can play the original soundtrack Prologue of the Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks for viewing.





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