Halamshiral Ballgown UNP (Diana) 4K


Very beautiful dress by ShinglesCat. For UNP bodies.
In this set, I present the better version of the dress - Quality 190 Mb -
During all these years, i tried a lot of clothes and armors. This mod is very heavy on performance...maybe one of the most demanding.
So, before you use this mod, select carefuly the best version for you (quality, performance, normal, ultra performance). A good point of the mod. I like textures size choice.

Gloves are superb and highly detailled, the corset is great too. The collar is highly detailled too....heavy meshes.

A dress mainly for screenarchery and showcase. I doubt you will use it for combat :)

Nice creation...very noble, detailled....high quality stuff.

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Halamshiral Ballgown UNP by ShinglesCat