Winter Sweaters UNP - UNPetite (Idye)


We rarely see this outfit in showcases. Probably because it's not lore-friendly.... I don't care. It's not important for me.
Lostdaywalker (the creator) is one of my favorite modder. Too bad his work is not available on you must search to find his work. He should have more visibility.

So, about the cloth... :)

Textures are low and no bodyslides are available. Meshes have some clipping and colors are not available for all boots. I don't really like the color of the panty (flashy pink). It's cute but it does not fit to all colors available.

However, sweaters have a real sensation of wool (sweater and tights) and boots fit well with the whole outfit.
Each variations of meshes are really good and i admit that the brun sweater with the good shape can become "lore-friendly"'s a point of view.
In my opinion the white sweater is the best version...too bad, there is no white texture for tights...i don't find them in the update file.

So, i like it a lot but it has limited use and you can't use it for every characters. I just have luck , Idye is the good model to wear it. It's exclusive!

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Winter Sweaters UNP/UNPetite/UNPB 


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