Screenshot trick 1

Screenshot trick number 1 - Level 2 - Easy



First screenshot trick on my blog. I hope you will find it interesting and contructive.
This setting is 100% personal. It's hand-made with the ENB. It's useful to improve portraits in close up. The goal is to highlight the face of your character and to create a high generous and deep blur effect without bokeh in the background.
To apply this effect, you need to have the basic knowledge of the ENBGUI...that's why it's a level 2 easy!
Once used, the method just takes less than 20 second.

Let's start!!

First, create the base of your screenshot and chose the framing you like for your portrait (consol command : TFC1/FOV10/SUCSM2

Screenshot trick marmotte

Open your ENBGUI and activate the DOF (depth of field) of your ENB (click "enabledepthoffield" )

Screenshot trick marmotte

In the ENB GUI, activate the "Display AF cursor" and place it on the nose of your character (AF positionX and AF position Y to move it)

Screenshot trick marmotte

Increase the aperture size%. Between 5 and 6 is a good value. This will create a powerful blur effect.

Screenshot trick marmotte

Now, we need to edit the deepness of the dof. Our start point (the nearest) is the AF cursor on the nose. Change the "AF far blur curve" to 0.96. You can increase it a little bit if you want less blur on arrows - it's an exemple.

Screenshot trick marmotte

Now, we need to remove the bokeh to have a very clean blur.

- Bokehquality = 7  

- Bokeh Highlight to 0.01.

- Bokeh Bias = 0

Screenshot trick marmotte

It's done! Your image is ready. Remove the AF cursor, the ENBGUI and the consol command.

Screenshot trick marmotte

Now you can capture the image. The background is blurry, deep and the face is clear and sharped. The contrast is good and pleasant to watch. Easy and efficient 😀

Screenshot trick marmotte


Leave it to chance!