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Welcome to my Skyrim blog ^_^

     Skyrim is a wonderful game and a great tool to create images, videos, themes and stories. The game allows everybody to create his/her own world and that's what i like.
     I have already a nice Flickr account < HERE > . I store all my works and i try to do it varied and interesting. All is classified into named folders. I have a lot of pleasure to create images.
     I also have a Nexus account < HERE >. I use it mainly to upload some face presets and to comunicate with modders or friends.

     I decided to create this blog mainly to show my characters and armors/clothes i like. Showcases are exclusive to this blog. I do not post these images elsewhere..... A unique blog for uniques images!

     All sets will show armors and clothes on UNP or UNPetite format depending of the available conversion.
     Each sets will be presented with one of my characters : Idye, Domino, Lorelei, Larentia, Thema and Diana of course.
     Each characters has her own style of course and i use an armor according to the style/spirit of this character. Here are styles/keywords of my models:

  • Diana : noble, power, high class, sexy, stylish, magic
  • Idye : free spirit, cool, funny, mischievous, archer
  • Lorelei : Elven style/spirit, elven concept, strong, 1 handed sword/magic
  • Domino : native, pelt, hunt, tribe, black skin, muscles
  • Thema : Savage, native, adventures, dreams
  • Larentia : She-wolf, hunt, no feelings

     In the seach bar of the blog, you can write the name of my character to select your favorite model.  

     I generally upload images in 2K resolution (1920*1080). Sometimes, i will do 4k (3840*2016) to show special details...but it's more work and time for me.

     Sometimes, i will upload tricks/tips for screenarchery. These tricks are personal and feasible with every ENB. They are generally a manipulation of the ENBGUI. I hope you will discover new things.

 What will you find here ?

- All my models (In the searchbar, you can write the name of the model to find easily your favorite girl)
- Showcases of my favorite UNP/UUNP armors and clothes
- A Touch of Charm
- some tricks/tips for screenarchery. They will be signalized between 6 levels:
 level 1 - very easy  😁
 level 2 - easy 😉
 level 3 - moderate 😎
 level 4 - hard 😥
level 5 - very hard 😰
level 6 - Do you really want to try... 😈

About requests :)

I totally take requests about screenshots/showcase. This blog has a possibility to turn completly into a request concept. This means if enough peoples follow the blog and ask for requests, there could be a lot of dedications. It's up to you :)

But i do not decide :)  ...only my models decide to wear or not a cloth or an armor.....ask a request in the commentary ( you can ask a request anonymously without a blogger account or a google account).



Special thanks:

Great thanks to Zwabberdiebo for his help about "templates" and HTML code.

Zwabberdiebo's works : 

Thanks to Triptherift and Scarlett anabelle for broadcasting my blog adress.

Triptherift's work :  

Scarlett anabelle's work:

I think you notice english is not my native language. I try to do my best. However, this blog is an interesting solution to work my english too.
Thank you



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