Black Viper's Will UUNP (Diana)



Well....this cloth is near perfection  :)

Meshes and the bodyslide are clean and unique. The fur is superb, tights and corset are amazing.

It's a high quality cloth, and when technique meets creativity, the result is generally very good.

The transparent panty is very cute and the addition of the skirt is perfect. So all is hidden  :)

It's oriented for mage characters or just simply for stylish girls/women.

The presentation of the cloth on Nexus is very good and we want to download it.

Lore-friendly....of course!

I believe the snake comes from another mod...but it's a really cool idea.

You can use this outfit with every sorts of haircuts. I don't recommend to use it with black/dark hair.

The result is better with white/grey/blonde/redhead colors. It's just my point of view.

The armor is 2K. If it was 4K, i would have done a set in 4K .... the only negative point. Well, not really negative because the available 2K has a perfect rendering.

I want more......!!!!

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Black Viper's Will

Bodyslide UUNP version


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