ENB -W o r k s-


 -W o r k s-


I create this page to share with you my work of my "custom" ENB.
This page will show several features and uniquenesses of this work.

I use Rudy ENB NLVA binaries 315 as a fundamental....my favorite version.
The ENB is made to run with Relighting Skyrim.

- Performance/ gameplay
- Visual
- Keeping the Rudy's touch
- Clarity
- Highlight architecture
- Sharpness
- Highlight your character
- Rebalance of all bloom/environement/lighting/adaptation
- Massive weathers support + new lands

Images will be 2560*1440, my current resolution for gameplay and for editing the ENB.
I plan to release this custom ENB. I'll need to ask a permission to Rudy first.

1) Interior Lighting
This is the biggest part of my work. The original Rudy ENB works with ELFX. I have another choice and I choose Relighting Skyrim.
I did this choice mainly for performances.
ELFX is still not optimized in 2018 and you still have important fps drops in specific vanilla interiors (ex: dark brotherhood) and in new modded places (ex: Hammet's dungeons).
I wanted to use RLO, but the mod creates a lot of flickerings on walls and grounds.
Relighting Skyrim is very light (no meshes, no scripts) with a single small esp. No fps drop (even in big places) and no flickerings. My final choice so.
Keep in mind that Relighting Skyrim is a realist lighting system: Source of light = light. No source of light= shadows.
The work is to adapt Rudy ENB to Relighting Skyrim. (direct lighting, ambiant lighting, point lighting, bloom, fog, etc...). I'm still working on interior lighting.

2) Apocrypha
Aprocrypha added to the weatherlist + personal tweak

3) Update Lighting system
The ENB now runs Relighting Skyrim and ELE.
ELE brings a bit more lightings and lightsources seem a bit more powerful.
Color lighting change a bit too. Better sensations.
RS+ELE is very performant. No fps drops.

4) Full "World of Rudra" support
All weathers added to the weatherlist.
All is already done expect the Lavender villa. Soon...

5) Darkend and The Soul Cairn done.
Featuring a gloomy red sun with red rays in the Soul Cairn. Strong speculars too.


6) The gray cowl of nocturnal added
A great modification and a great use of all ENB settings.
I have finally managed to reach a very nice result in this new world.
All is edited: interior and exterior....all weather systems.
Of course the result on characters is good.

7) Relighting Skyrim + ELE + Chandeliers 3D chains
The combination RS + ELE allows you to use the heaviest meshes for all chandeliers (3D chains) for SMIM users.

These chandeliers meshes can impact your interior FPS if you use them with ELFX....whatever your GPU.

I made several tests and i'm glad to tell you that you can use the Chandeliers 3D chains with my ENB without any FPS drops.
You can also use the SMIM Chandeliers no 3D chains to reach very high FPS too.

Here is a test with 2 Chandeliers 3D chains (the heaviest) + full retex of Fort Dawnguard interior. Very solid 60fps.
Fort Dawnguard/ 2560*1440/ 2*chandeliers3Dchains/ full retex/ RS+ELE/ 60fps

8) Dawnguard weathers done + specific locations done
All main weathers of Dawnguard are done.

I added some specific locations weather as well that are missing in the original Rudy ENB.
example: Bloated Mans Grotto Fog
For this location, I took some liberty to edit like I wanted/ how I like it.
Some samples:
Bloated Mans Grotto Fog normal clear weather
Bloated Mans Grotto Fog red skies

Bloated Mans Grotto Fog lighting
9) Dwemer Ruins "dwemerized"

Of course, a unique setting is available for Dwemer ruins (night and day)
The combination Relighting Skyrim + ELE gives a very nice result. I edited interiors to increase the "Dwemer Spirit" and all metals. Strong points lighting and reflection as well.
The goal is to enhance the architecture of dwemer interiors. Playability too. The interior reflection is activated.


Leave it to chance!